Real Time Passenger Counter

It has features such as route monitoring by the company, with alerts when the vehicle leaves the predetermined route. Provides real-time vehicle stocking anywhere on the route. Able to inform how many passengers entered the room, how many did not enter the room and traveled on the stairs or beside the driver. Counter immune from environmental adversities. Immune to headlights, light days or dark nights. You can turn off all lights in the middle of the night, which does not disturb the passenger count. Constant online update. It avoids overloading the wifi when the vehicle returns to the garage. Project seeking bus companies to test production.

Product Counter for Production Line.

Performs the product count and sends the counting data in real time to the ERP. Perfect for counting products on treadmills. Two counters together, one in the input of products in the production line and another in the output allows to compare the counts and determine the amount of losses.